Beads & Video

Self Defense: 2018, 48″ x 40″, beads & sequins on polystyrene
Poem Teller
Poem Teller: a beaded and sequined oracle speaks poems from a painting.   2013, 34″ x52″, beads, sequins, acrylic, iPod/video.  Poem Teller (6 minute excerpt)

I am painting with beads and sequins. By embedding video in my beaded work- the two forms each tell their own story, being both still and moving, decorative and technological.  Video pixels and beads are not so different; each building a matrix of color and light.  In these works, both stories are interwoven, creating a synthesis.


Clockwise from top left: Mirror Image, Smoky Mirror, Sometimes I Feel like Sue Kreitzman, Sometimes I Feel Like Angela Rogers, Sometimes I Feel Like Lisa Curran, Sometimes I Feel Like Tyrone Henderson

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