Dare To Wear

Welcome.  These are pieces created for Dare to Wear, an exhibition curated by Sue Kreitzman, to be shown at the St. Pancras Cathedral Crypt, an art venue in central London opening on October 10, 2012.

All of the new pieces express the unabashed love women have for adornment. Women and jewelry are inseparable in these pieces. The women are made from beads and sequins, they are wearing jewelry and the jewelry contains their video images. They wear video necklaces and iPod crowns.  The work is both frivolous and filled with layers of meaning and expressions of female identity.


Blue Kisses

Blue Kisses

Red Kisses

Red Kisses

Quimetta Perle, Mona Lisa, 2012, sequins, beads, video, 38″x31″

Quimetta Perle, Mona Lisa, 2012, sequins, beads, video, detail

She swallows pearls, then regurgitates them, pulling and spitting necklaces, individual pearls and other jewelry from her mouth.

Girl With Crown

Quimetta Perle, Girl With Crown, 2012, beads, sequins, ipods with video, 24″ x 18″

She blesses the viewer with her kisses.

Seeing Eye

Quimetta Perle, Seeing Eye, 2011, beads, video, 4″ x 6 1/2″

Seeing Eye, also known as the world’s smallest installation.  The eye gazes out at the viewer, blinks and keeps looking.  After a while, it is replaced by another woman’s eye, and then another.  This piece was shown at Bullet Space, NYC in 2011.

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